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Sep 12, 2011

Editor sightings at NYFW

For many bloggers, and fashion junkies around the globe, an editor sighting is better than any regular ole celeb. It's been a busy week with shows, but I figured I'd give you a break from the reviews to take a look at some editor sightings I've had!
Anna Dello Russo

Kate Lanphear
Kate Lanphear is my world! She's been my personal style icon for years, and she was super nice, which only makes me love her even more. I wish I wasn't so exhausted in this pic! Clearly taken with my Iphone... She's wearing her typical awesomely aggressive jewelry and she's so tall! (I'm 5'7" and wearing flats in this pic, so she looks dramatically taller in heels). Can you tell I think she's amazing?

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