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Aug 26, 2011

You light up my life

You, dear reader, can harness the power of light for all of your beauty needs. Does that make you feel like a Super Hero? Don't get ahead of yourself. But science and beauty are as inextricably linked as fashion & beauty, or fashion & music, or Bonnie & Clyde... you get my drift. Here's how you can use light therapy to make you feel beautiful:
Osmotics LED Photo Rejuvenation are signature treatments using LED lights, which are completely non-invasive and require no recovery time, yet offer multiple benefits. A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin circulation, a reduction in skin redness, improves skin with discolorations or large pores, and can even help acne-prone skin. The treatments generally take 15-40 minutes, and you may see visible results are the first treatment. The best part (besides being non-invasive I suppose) is that you can get these treatments for free! With every $75 Osmotics purchase from Henri Bendel, you get an LED session for free. I can spend $75 bucks with my eyes closed, but here's a list of some Osmotics products that I like in case you need a little help in that department.

For the DIY guru, you can try LightStim For Wrinkles ($299). This is an at-home LED device used for stimulating collagen and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The LightStim company is a top manufacturer of LED lights for medical practices and spas, so now they've given you an over-the-counter alternative. The treatment is safe, non-invasive, and gives you visibly smoother skin.

No Mas Vello is a flat-rate IPL hair removal service. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light and has been an international cult favorite due to No Mas Vello's flat-rate pricing. Now they've opened their first US location on west 72nd street in NYC. IPL hair removal has been said to be less painful than laser hair removal, but the real genius is in the price: after your free consultation, treatments are just $49 each, no matter what area of the body you're de-fuzzing.

Don't let the price fool you. No Mas Vello doesn't sacrifice cleanliness or professionalism so you can get a good price. The hair removal technicians are highly trained at their jobs, and quite nice to people who are big chickens, like myself. No matter how many times someone tells me something is painless, I don't believe them. I do know this, after my first session I walked away feeling like it was a LOT less painful than waxing. I wouldn't even call the sensation painful as much as I'd call it weird. It's just a little flash of light and heat, and not at all the same feeling as laser hair removal (which is most frequently described as being snapped with rubber bands). My plan was to inform you how hairless I was after a few sessions, but I actually just had to reschedule my 2nd session since my hair has grown back so slowly after my 1st session.

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