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Aug 29, 2011

Must-have fall fragrances

Gelsomino Nobile ($80-$170) is the newest addition to the Acqua Di Parma Le Nobili collection. This fragrance is all about a species of Jasmine that is grown in Calabria, Italy. This is a light, fresh-smelling Jasmine, that is surrounded by notes of orange blossom, pink pepper, tuberose, mandarin, cedar rose, and musk. Available September 1st, the fragrance launch will also be accompanied by the launch of a limited-edition collector's book celebrating beautiful Italian gardens. Giardini Nobili will capture the Renaissance style of Italian gardens and landscaping.

Fan Di Fendi ($39-$92)- Honestly, I would buy this simply for the bottle to keep on my vanity. Fabien Baron designed the bottle to be lust-worthy with the Forever Fendi buckle on it, while Fran├žois Demachy designed the fragrance to be modern, fresh, and addictive. And he really did his homework on this one. Top notes are pear blackcurrant accord, tangerine from Calabria, and pink peppercorn from Reunion Island. The heart of the fragrance is Damascena rose and yellow jasmine, with base notes of soft leather accord and patchouli from Indonesia. The fragrance that they worked so hard on (that I can't wait to get my hands on) is available exclusively at Saks through August, and then will be available in department stores in September.

Lolita Lempicka EDT ($48-82)- Besides the fact that my mother's name is Lolita, so I have a bottle of this fragrance just on principal, this fragrance is a classic. Fruity notes of lemon zest, apricot, and black cherry are grounded with more sensual notes like Licorice flower and Violet Wood.

Lisa Hoffman perfume vial sets- These little purse-size vials of roll-on perfume are great for gals on the go. A 2 vial set ($52) contains a Daytime and an Evening fragrance, while a 4 vial set ($95) has a Morning, Daytime, Evening, & Bedtime fragrance. I love the concept of a subtle fragrance in the morning, then progressing in to a seductive scent for going out. Truly a must-have for my fellow bloggers! I recommend the Japanese Agarwood's off the charts.

You Are Divine by Philosophy ($55)- This QVC exclusive is available September 1st and makes a nice addition to Philosophy's already well-rounded fragrance collection. This is a sophisticated fragrance, yet still clean like the company's other scents. Orange flower, Muguet, and Honeysuckle provide a floral fragrance, while vanilla, sheer musk, and powdery notes ground the fragrance.

And just for fun, we must talk about THE most expensive fragrance in the world! Clive Christian will be selling only 500 sets of his No.1 gift set in the entire world this year, starting in October. The set retails for $1,040 and contains 1 men's fragrance and 1 women's, and both have such rare ingredients that they can only produce 500 to sell. We're talking about Sandalwood that's been aged for 50 years and Tahitian Vanilla that is fermented for 6 months so that it's crystallized. Pretty intense, eh? Clearly they take their fragrance-making very seriously over at Clive Christian. If you have the means for a collector's edition like this, go for it! The men's fragrance is more of a rich amber feeling, while the women's fragrance is more of a floral, but both are surely decadent.

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