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Aug 7, 2011

Latest obsession: Kerastase Chroma Sensitive Caressing Cleansing Balm

I really, REALLY love my hair colorist. Like really love her. So it's annoying if I use a product that washes away all the hard work we've done over the past few years on giving me my perfect color. After I got back from my vacation the sun had really done a number on my hair and I went to see my girl immediately after I got back, but then there was the same conundrum as I always have: What shampoo to use to not wreck my hair color? (Note that since I also engage in heavy Keratin treatment-activity, it's also important that products don't have sodium chloride).

Fortunately Kérastase came to my rescue with Chroma Sensitive Caressing Cleansing Balm ($42). This is a low-foam, conditioning shampoo that you use for the first 3 shampoos after you've had your hair colored, and then you can use it every other time you shampoo. I'd be lying if I told you that I didn't want to use it for EVERY shampoo because it's amazing! It's 1/4 cleansing base (no parabens, no sulfates, no silicones) and 3/4 deep conditioner with vitamin E & anti-fade protection. I honestly don't even feel like I need to use conditioner after because it's so nourishing. The best part though is that my hair color looks as fresh as the day I went to the salon.
For even more color protection Kérastase has introduced Chroma Cristal ($39), which is an ultra-fine shine mist that is meant to protect the hair shaft with vitamin E in order to retain your hair color. I have yet to try the mist, but if it's anything like it's shampoo counterpart, I'm convinced. Clearly we will have to do a follow-up post on the Chroma Cristal.
I've found the Kérastase Facebook page to be a great follow for healthy hair tips and info on the products. You can also follow them on Twitter. Hooray for good hair days!

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