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Jul 5, 2011

Lucky Magazine blogger social

I love a good excuse to drink during the middle of the week, but if you read this blog you know that already. Well, before I sound like Janice Dickonson before her Celebrity Rehab days, what I should say is that blog events tend to be a place for me to enjoy a glass of champagne (or 2), talk fashion &/or beauty with some of the most fabulous NY bloggers you can even imagine, and be entertained. So clearly I was very excited to attend the Lucky Magazine Summer Social last week. I forgot my camera, so forgive the unclear Iphone pics, but here are some of my fave highlights:
Delicious drinks at Elsa in the East Village (My old stomping grounds until June 1st, when I decided that co-habitating with the male species was a good idea. It was good to be back in my neighborhood!)
The Bumbys:

We've discussed them before after the Levi's fall 2011 preview, but I'm still totally obsessed. Here's what the boy Bumby had to say about me last week at the Lucky party:
"Do you always have a mini umbrella in your drink? I wouldn't be all that surprised if you did. You seem like a party-starter, like that one person who always has roof access and a kiddie pool. Thank you for all you've done for the community, because Park Slope was super boring before you showed up. Oh, and screw the downstairs neighbors. If we all fall through the kiddie pool will cushion the fall, and the water will clean their apt up good."

So many things that I find amazing about that assessment, but the answer to your question, SeƱor Bumby, is YES. I do always have a mini umbrella in my drink.
Since I was a total slacker and forgot the camera, here's some great posts from my new blogging buddies: Kristy of the Full Time Fabulous blog and Audrey of Audrey Allure.

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