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Jul 29, 2011

Glamazon Diaries Summer Social

This is a post that's very near and dear to my heart because 1) I love when bloggers have events sharing their favorite products, and 2) this particular blogger happens to be a good friend of mine. Those of you who don't know Makeda from The Glamazon Diaries, you need to start reading asap, but I digress... let's chat about the Glamazon's favorite products this summer, shall we?

The event was held at the Alma G Salon, which deserves an entire blog post of its own. Alma G is a "celebrity" stylist, but she remains humble and brutally honest with her clientele whether they are celebrities or not. Alma was on hand to show us easy hair looks and share some of her favorite products as well. Alma swears by It's A 10 Miracle Hair Treatment, and after using it, so do I.

Between Alma's and Makeda's faves, there is a lot to talk about, so I'm going to condense it down to my absolute must-have products that I got to take home with me that day:

Lucky Sunnies- I know I talk a lot about wearing sunscreen, but it's just as important to protect your eyes from the sun as it is to protect your skin. Might as well do it in style!

Essie nail polish summer collection- I love the entire collection, but cannot stop wearing Smooth Sailing. It's a multi-faceted blue-ish lavender with a little bit of a pearly shine to it.

Paradise Pearls pink freshwater pearl necklace- What girl doesn't want/need a set of pearls in her wardrobe? Paradise Pearls are made from high quality freshwater pearls and, while certainly an investment, it's investing in a classic piece that can be passed down to your daughters and grand-daughters. I'm just tickled pink (pun intended) to have received this gorgeous necklace!

Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel- A great product containing Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, Retinol, Resveratrol, vitamins, and antioxidants. All fancy jargon aside, what that means for you is an anti-aging product that helps all your lotions and serums work more effectively as you slough away dead skin cells.

True Blood energy drink- Ok, ok. I know that really has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, but how can I resist writing about a drink based off one of my favorite shows?! The entire nation has been struck with True Blood fever since the HBO show came out, and this Blood Orange-flavored drink gives you the ability to take home a piece of the show. The bottle is an exact replica of the bottles of True Blood on the show, though on the show the bottles contain synthetic blood. Yuck! This drink is a much tastier option I'd say.

Nature's Gate Glow Lotion- This is a great lotion if you want to build color gradually (rather than a Jersey Shore-style fake tan). This is also a favorite line of mine because it's natural, so you don't have to worry that any of those weird tanning chemicals are leaking in to your brain.

Sula Cosmetics- Always on the lookout for new beauty brands, I was psyched to learn about Sula Cosmetics range of natural cosmetics, incredibly fresh scents, and Paint & Peel nail polishes. Yes, that's right. Paint it on and peel it off! I'm officially obsessed.

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