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May 25, 2011

Kinerase "Change Your Skin, Change Your Life" campaign

It’s really great to see various beauty brands doing what they can for charities, but the Kinerase “Change Your Skin, Change Your Life” campaign is giving fans an opportunity to choose which charities they will donate funds to. Fans on the Kinerase Facebook page will get the opportunity to suggest the charities they like, then the charities will be narrowed down to the fan favorites (which fans will be asked to vote on again) and the most popular charity becomes the beneficiary of a donation from Kinerase.

There will be 3 separate donations (June, September, and December) that will consist of 20% of sales of certain products. In June the donation will be 20% of sales from the Kinerase Lotion (which retails for about $119 a bottle) , in September it will be 20% of the proceeds of the Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream (which is $62 per bottle), and in December it will be 20% of sales from the Kinerase Cream ($119 a bottle).

3 fabulous products means 3 chances for you to speak your mind on which charities will be supported by Kinerase! There are not that many opportunities for us as consumers to choose what big beauty companies do with their money, so take a minute of your time to vote for a charity that means something to you.

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  1. I love kinerase, it is one of the best products out there to help from fighting off skin aging



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