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May 5, 2011

KeratinPerfect at-home hair smoothing system

Smooth hair. Everyone wants it. No matter your hair texture, you certainly don't want frizz. Thusly the popularity of Brazilian/Keratin treatments. In the past you were stuck with severe straightening treatments to get smooth hair, but with the new Keratin treatments on the market you can have smooth curls, waves, or straight hair, but at a price. The treatments usually run about $350 in a salon.
KeratinPerfect is a new line launching at Sephora this month, and is an AT HOME treatment! A couple hours of your time and BAM! Smooth hair for 30 days. (Sorry for getting all Emeril on you guys, but I got really excited for a second).
I got to try out the treatment and here were the results:

Not bad waves/curls... just a little naughty frizz action. This is what my hair looks like if I wash and don't use any products.
After (had to change the shirt because I'm a little messy at times):

Definitely smooth and shiny... and I'm liking that you can see my highlights better! Again, this is not a straightening treatment, it's a smoothing treatment, but to make the treatment work you have to use a flat iron to seal the treatment in so that's why you're seeing the straight photos. Also note that I used my own flat iron for this experiment.
I think these are pretty darn good results for an at-home treatment! You also have to consider the fact that the brand has reduced a lot of the "human error" factors that would normally occur here. You simply wash your hair with a prep shampoo, then apply ThePerfector (that's the actual treatment) all over the hair, and then seal the treatment with a flat iron! It's that easy.
The line comes with a wide range of products, the most expensive being the PerfectHair 30-Day Brazilian Smoothing System Deluxe Edition ($235) that comes with prepping pre-treatment shampoo, ThePerfector 30-day hair smoothing treatment, the shampoo, the conditioner, the daily keratin replenishing spray, PerfectComb (to make sure the treatment is saturated throughout the hair), PerfectClips, measuring cup, and the PerfectHeat Deluxe Titanium Keratin-Sealing Flat Iron. It's everything that you could possibly need to make the treatment work.
Or you could go with just the basics: the PerfectHair 30-Day Hair Smoothing Duo ($65) comes with the prep shampoo and ThePerfector hair smoothing treatment. This way you can use your own flat iron &/or other supplies you have around the house.
Too scared to try the actual treatment? You shouldn't be! BUT if you are, there's a full line of products that can give you a smoother styling experience anyways. Keratin is a natural substance found in your hair, so replenishing it on a daily basis is a good idea.
The line includes:
PerfectCleanse Keratin Enhanced Shampoo $24- sulfate and sodium chloride free.
PerfectSilk Keratin Enhance Conditioner $24- really lightweight and smoothing.
PerfectRenew Daily Keratin Replenishing Spray $34- another lightweight item that's great for smoothing the hair. BTW, I used this every day when I was in Mexico. Frizz-free for the whole vacation baby!
PerfectSmooth Blowout Booster Styling Cream $34- a great cream for heat styling.
PerfectRescue Intense Keratin Repair Serum $40- for when your hair is feeling a little sad, as mine often does.
PerfectShine Keratin Oil $40- my absolute favorite item on the line. It smells delicious and you only need a tiny bit to smooth your hair style all day.

Ok, so now for my OVERALL RECOMMENDATIONS for those of you who want it simplified. If you have the time (an hour maybe?) at night, I say go for it. It definitely beats paying $350 in a salon. It works for 30 days, but if you use the accompanying products and you don't wash your hair everyday, you can stretch that out longer.
If you've never done a Keratin treatment and you're too scared, then you 100% need to pick up the PerfectShine Keratin Oil (use sparingly if you have thin hair) and the PerfectSmooth Blowout Booster Styling Cream (this is really lightweight so you can use a ton and not look greasy).
This line is available exclusively at Sephora starting mid-May. From $24 to $235, you can definitely find some products in this line that work for you. At the very least, you know you'll be using sulfate-free and sodium chloride-free products on your hair, which it will thank you for later. Trust me on that one.
A huge thanks to Keratin Perfect for sending me these products to test out!


  1. No one would ever suspect from the after picture that you hair is so wavy. The straightening treatment did a wonderful job.

    You say the treatment lasts for at least 30 days if you use the accompanying products. Do you still have to flat iron everyday to further maintain the straightness or can you just do a usual blow dry?

  2. Since it's not a straightening product, but a smoothing product, you would have to blowdry/flat iron the hair to make it smooth and straight everyday. If you want to wear it wavy or curly it will just take the frizz out of it. You definitely don't need to straighten it every day to make the product last longer, but you need to use the shampoo and conditioner (or another shampoo that is keratin compliant)

  3. Yes, thanks for this post. I've been on the fence about product but it seems to have made a difference on you.

  4. This product is just the absolute best! I've had the expensive salon keratin treatments and this is most definitely comparable. I have the smoothest silkiest hair ever! I love it and will keep buying again and again. Don't forget that a keratin treatment is only as good as your flat iron is. I just bought the Croc Infrared straightener made for keratin treatments with titanium plates and OMG! This iron is the absolute best and it makes my hair look like I just came from an expensive salon! Never listen to fools who tell you an iron is an UNTRUE! Invest in a salon-quality tool and you'll get a superior result when you do your future keratin treatments. You and your hair are worth it. ;)



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