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May 2, 2011

Great video from Carol's Daughter plus new products

Carol's Daughter has a new hair collection coming out May 9th that I can't wait to try. The Monoi Repairing Collection is made to repair breakage with their all-natural (paraben and sulfate free) Tahitian ingredient, Monoi oil. Carol's Daughter's promise is "invincible hair" for those of us who color treat, heat style, or chemically treat our hair. Being someone who has committed all of the aforementioned sins with my poor hair, this stuff sounds like a miracle in a bottle.
In honor of the new launch, Carol's Daughter founder, Lisa Price, shared this video with the world. I think videos like this are SO important because most women have some sort of weird internal baggage about their hair. Even starlets like the ladies in this panel (Solange, Cassidy, and Selita) had insecurities about their hair growing up, so I feel a lot better about my personal hair drama. Being a woman of mixed ethnicities, I didn't really know what to do with my hair for the longest time, which is actually one of the reasons that this blog started in the first place. I have naturally curly hair, but it's fine. Though it's not kinky curls, my hair, like its owner, can be incredibly stubborn. I color it, I heat style it, I've relaxed it, done keratin treatments, you name it. Most of the time these days I consider myself very lucky to have some natural texture and I wear my hair in its natural state. Anyways, the point is that most woman, regardless of race, age, religion, whatever, need to learn to embrace their own personal STYLE. If that means you're going to commit a couple hair crimes to get the look that you want, so be it. Hopefully you can use a product like one from the Monoi Repair Collection and maybe repair some of the damage you've done.
Now that I've told you my life story, I'll let these ladies, who are all stunning, do the talking.

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  1. I really love your blog and I can't wait to read more! I hope you can come stop by my beauty & hair blog sometime :D



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