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May 18, 2011

Do something good today with Organic Surge

Sorry for my blogging absence, but I've been completely immersed in the makeup world for several days now. The Makeup Show NYC has just ended, and I'm strangely sad about it, but have so much info on products to share with you! More on that later.
I've decided that since I took a blogging hiatus, we have to come back and do something good for the world rather than the vapid "OMG I DIE over this lipstick" that I was going to start with. (What can I say? I just love lipstick). I was already working on a story about a line I've recently discovered called Organic Surge, but then I learned some new info yesterday that must be shared. Organic Surge is a organic product line out of the UK that has recently launched in the US, and they've decided that to go along with the launch they needed to do something socially responsible. For every new fan they get on their Facebook page, Organic Surge is going to donate $2.00 towards helping both the Kenya Children's Home Orphanage and the Watoto Children's Charity in Uganda. Unlike other lines that make you buy something to help out, all you have to do is click away to help a child in need.
So now that you've done your part and become a fan of Organic Surge on Facebook (you've done it already, haven't you? Do I have to come over there and do it for you?) let's talk a little about the products that I like.
There are about 35 products on the line from skincare to hair care, and all are planet-friendly. They are a cruelty-free line that leaves out all the parabens and sulfates, but uses delicious organic essential oils to make your skin or hair feel great. The product range is wide and I can't talk about everything, but the skincare line is great for those with sensitive skin, and the haircare line meets a lot of different needs with their Shine Boost, Volume Boost, or Moisture Boost collections. I've recently become hooked on their body care line in Gentle Meadow. The line includes hand wash, hand & nail cream, body lotion, and shower gel all in the most amazingly soothing lavender and geranium scent.
The products are REALLY inexpensive for a regular line, but especially being that they are an organic line (isn't it unfortunate when you have to pay more for healthy food or products? I guess we'll have to talk about that later.). If you don't believe me, check out their website. I DARE YOU to find something on there that is expensive.
For those of you that are blogging fans, and I know that you are, check out Organic Surge's blog to find out all the great stuff they are doing for the planet and for your skin.
Organic surge is available in the US at and

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  1. I love that they are going to donate money. I am in the market for a red lip so I will surely see if they have one I can use.



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