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Mar 29, 2011

Moroccanoil introduces new Curl Defining Mousse

If you're a regular reader of this blog, it's no surprise to you that Moroccanoil is one of my favorite hair product lines on the planet. If this is your first time here...well... now you know... I'm a teensy bit obsessed with Moroccanoil. I've tried every, and I mean EVERY, product on their line and I think it's quality product at a reasonable price. My hair is healthier than ever, regardless of all the heat styling and coloring that I do to it, because of the Argan Oil that is used in their products.
Well now they've gone ahead and come up with one more product that makes my life easier and my hair more manageable. Morrocanoil's new Curl Defining Mousse ($22) is a curly girl's dream come true. People with curly hair will often tell you that they want something that defines their curls, prevents frizz, and makes their hair shiny, but they want their curls to feel natural, not crunchy or weighed down. It's hard to find something that gives curls the healthy bounce that they deserve, but Moroccanoil Curl Defining Mousse is just that. It's the perfect frizz-preventer, curl-definer formula, but you also know that your hair is protected from nasty outside elements because of the Argan Oil. The foam is super light so it doesn't drag your curls down. My friends at Moroccanoil sent me a bottle and I'm not looking back. Although I did get a little too excited the first day using it, put WAY too much in my hair, and looked a bit like a drowned rat. (I've been known to do that as I have fine hair and a child-like enthusiasm about new product). Now I have a system down where I use the Curl Defining Mousse, blowdry with a diffuser, and then finish off with Moroccanoil Light or Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for bouncy curls that shine.
For more information on Moroccanoil, please visit their website.

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