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Mar 7, 2011

Let's take a break from beauty and talk about drinking

Ok, I’ll spare you my whole speech about how I firmly believe what you put in your body is written all over your face. Anybody that’s ever been hungover knows what I’m talking about. But I’ve been a little crazy as of late with my whole tea fetish. Partly because I just love the taste of tea, but also because of the proven antioxidant properties of my favorite beverage.

Anyhoo… my obsession with tea has got me thinking of another ingredient: Agave. Agave nectar is great in lotions. You know what’s NOT great? Blue Agave Syrup as a replacement for sugar. Blech! I practically spit out my tea this morning. I tried it because I know it’s supposed to be better for you than sugar, but it tasted so bitter in my delicious tea. I though it might be because I bought a new kind of tea. Tazo’s Om tea is a blend of green and black teas with a splash of peach and cucumber flavors. I know sometimes if you get a tea with a fruit flavor like peach that if you steep it for too long it can get a little bitter. Oh Agave syrup… you think you found a scape goat, have you? Well then I tried the syrup with a delicious peppermint black tea and then I got that same bitter flavor in my mouth. 2 tea bags wasted. I’m about to throw this Agave syrup through the window. I’m about to go in to the kitchen to try the Tazo Om tea again with SUGAR. Real sugar. Screw this alleged “healthy” syrup. Sugar In The Raw is where it’s at.

Fortunately for the Agave cactus, I won’t boycott your existence because I do know something delicious that comes from inside you: Avion tequila. FYI, tequila is my other favorite beverage. My friends at Avion know that I don’t often take time out of my day to write about things other than fashion and beauty, but were gracious enough to send me a bottle anyways because I’m a HUGE tequila fan. Don’t get me wrong. You won’t find me in some seedy bar doing shots with people who look like they belong on the cast of Jersey Shore. But on any given Saturday you’ll find me with a marg in my hand. And yes, I can taste the difference between one made with crappy tequila and one made with a premium tequila like Avion.

I first came to know about Avion because it was featured on Entourage last season. And for good reason. Their dedication to using the finest ingredients makes it taste like Heaven in a bottle. Its incredibly smooth taste is because they only use the Blue Weber Agave from the highest region of Jalisco because of its rich soil content at that altitude. Its slow roasting and filtration processes add a depth to the flavor of the tequila that, as far as I’m concerned, goes unmatched by some of Avion’s competition.

Ok, Agave… you now get a second chance with me! But don’t push your luck next time.

Please note that I've never received payment to endorse any of these products. I just really like tea and booze. Since receiving my free bottle of tequila from Avion, I've bought 2 more. It's just delicious.

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