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Feb 8, 2011

Sensai pre-sale at Bergdorf Goodman

OK, I have to warn you that these 2 amazing products are not available until April. Sigh. However, you can reserve yours now by calling Bergdorf Goodman (212-872-2537) and pre-ordering.
Sensai's Cellular Performance Body Contour Concentrate ($123)-
Most of these body contour cremes that you use on your hips and thighs contain caffeine that is said to stimulate your fatty areas and reduce cellulite. This Sensai Body Contour Concentrate, however, contains a new ingredient called Grains Of Paradise that are thought to have twice the fat-busting power as caffeine. It also contains nourishing ingredients like avocado extract, vitamin E, and vitamin B because of their anti-aging and metabolism-boosting properties. This is a must-have for right before bikini season. (Yes, I'm thinking of that already!)

Sensai Hydrachange Tinted Gel Creme SPF 10 ($78)-
This product changes everything you know about tinted moisturizers. Unlike your regular tinted moisturizer lotions, this is a soufflé-textured, ultra-lightweight gel. The technology gives you streak-free coverage and Hyaluronic Acid gives skin softness. This product has the same moisturizing properties as Sensai's Hydrachange line. Available in 3 easy-to-blend shades: Nude Biege, Golden Sand, and Soft Almond.
Call Bergdorf today to pre-order!

Images and testing samples courtesy of Sensai.

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