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Feb 9, 2011

Levi's introduces new Curve ID fit

When Levi's introduced their Curve ID fits in August 2010, they helped 80% of women find the perfect fit coverage that they needed. So what about the other 20%? Levi's has come back and introduced an additional fit to their Curve ID system. Initially there were fits for Slight Curve, Demi Curve, and Bold Curve, but now even the curviest of the curvy has a fit in the new Supreme Curve. The Supreme Curve has a lower rise in the front and a higher pitch in the back to accommodate the needs of the extremely curvy, no matter if it's for a size 22 or a size 32. The size range that's available is pretty awesome as well. 22-32 were the initial sizes offered in Curve ID, but now there is a 34 available, but they'll offer up to size 38 in fall 2011.
Still not enough fits for you, ladies? Well they've added a new fit, and more sizes, but now you have different rise options as well. The initial Curve ID launch had us all wearing the Modern Rise jean, which is a contemporary look that sits low on the waist. Now you can get the Slight Curve, Demi Curve, and Bold Curve jeans in a Classic Rise if you're looking for a little more coverage as far as rise is concerned.
Levi's is truly trying to fit every woman's body! You have to respect that.
Check out this video from Levi's spring campaign.

For more info on Curve ID, please visit the Levi's website.

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