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Feb 10, 2011

New York Fashion Week: Irina Shabayeva AW2011

Consistency, consistency, consistency. I love that Irina Shabayeva stays consistent to who she is, season after season. Fortunately for Shabayeva, she realizes that consistent does not have to mean boring. This is a woman who finds a relevant theme that is trend-right for the season, and makes sure every garment that goes down her runway fits in to her theme. This year she did an interesting take on knitwear by throwing chunky sweaters over a party dress or a gown. Many of these sweaters, like the dresses and the jackets she sent down the runway, had this Irina-esque flower-shaped cut-out. If the dress didn't warrant a cut-out, the Irina-flower (that's now the technical term for it) was printed on the dress or jacket.

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