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Jan 17, 2011

Golden Globe recap

I'm not going to start in right away about how Black Swan totally got ripped off at the Golden Globes last night... Let's just talk about the hair, ok?
The Globes are, unlike many other awards shows, a night for full-on glamour, so it's no surprise that most starlets chose elegant up 'do's.

For the most part, I think these ladies look fantastic. There's been quite a mixed reaction about Portman's Victor & Rolf dress, but after making a dance movie she can do no wrong in my eyes. And give her a break, she's pregnant!
Scarlett Johansson's hair is just AWFUL. I'm scared of her. Bride of Frankenstein?

Many of the ladies went for this old-school glamour look and they all knocked it out of the park. Sultry, shiny waves are never bad. Don't believe me? Ask your boyfriend what he thinks about the ladies pictured below.

And then there were bangs. While I think Olivia Wilde is stunning at all times, especially in Marchesa, I feel bad for poor Sandra. She's a personal favorite of mine, but these bangs are a little too much. They need to be thinned out in a big, bad way. But I love her and I love the dress and I love every movie she's ever been in. I'm going to give her a free pass on the bangs because of my love for her.

Photos courtesy of The Fabulous Report.


  1. Pregnancy is no excuse for looking wrong. Natalie is usually a good dresser but yesterday she was so wrong.

  2. Way harsh Lorna! hahahaha... I liked it. But I may just be obsessed with Black Swan and not thinking clearly

  3. Dude, she has a thorn on her stomach! Not okay - ever.



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