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Dec 25, 2010

New Year's Eve hair up-do

Now that Christmas is sadly over, the next thing on the fashion and beauty list to be concerned with is New Year's Eve. Besides the dress and the shoes, the hair and makeup are obviously big concerns. If you're going somewhere fancy for NYE, or even if you're going to a dive bar and want to get all dolled up for your friends, and up-do is a sure-fire way to look radiant while ringing in the new year. Here are some tips from celeb hairstylist Creighton Bowman on how he created the unconventional chignon pictured below.
-First Bowman prepped the hair with René Furterer Naturia dry shampoo to create volume.
-For the next step 3 sections of hair were created. The top 2 sections of hair were pinned to the top of the head, while a lower section is secured in to a ponytail at the nape of the neck.
-Next Bowman un-pinned the middle section of the hair and started back-combing.
-This middle section of the hair was then wrapped around the ponytail and pinned securely to create the chignon shape, where it was then sprayed with René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray.
-The top section was then un-pinned and back-combed like the middle section. This was brushed back and combined in to the chignon.
-To prevent flyaways, René Furterer Modeling Paste was warmed in the hands, and palms were rubbed lightly over the hair.
-The last step for Bowman was one last mist of René Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray for long-lasting hold.

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