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Jul 10, 2010

Urban Decay Fall 2010 collection

When I'm in an adrenaline-fueled shopping frenzy (whether it be for makeup, clothes, or shoes), very rarely do I stop and think about things like the environment and cruelty-free products. However, I have some go-to lines that do all that thinking for me so that I don't have to worry while I'm spending. Urban Decay is one of those lines. Their entire line is cruelty-free and they have an astounding assortment of Vegan products. Not only that, but I can guarantee every time I go to the Urban Decay counter in a store that I will find a product that will bring my inner-rockstar, out. Their fall 2010 line is no different. From a vegan eyeshadow palette, to surprising lip shades, makeup brushes that ensure you a spot in Heaven (or wherever you're going, I won't judge), and an array of false eyelashes to suit every need, I can't wait to try some of these items.

First on my list of things I HAVE to have is the Good Karma makeup brushes. Every craftsman needs the tools to perfect their trade, and mine happen to be good brushes. (And a laptop, but I digress). These brushes are synthetic (no animal hair=cruelty-free!), the gun-metal colored handles are made of recycled aluminum, and the boxes they come in are made of recycled egg cartons. Pictured here are the shadow, crease, blending (a must-have), and finishing brushes.

The Naked palette ($44) has 12 essential eyeshadows from naked to gunmetal, including 7 best-sellers that we know and love, and 5 new shades that are sure to please. The kit also includes a double-ended 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil and a travel sized portion of the eyeshadow Primer Potion.

Naked palette shades include:
Gunmetal- deep grey w/ silver glitter
Half-Baked- bronze
Naked- matte nude
Sidecar- cocoa with gold sheen
Sin- champagne
Smog- deep coppery bronze
Toasted- rich copper
Buck- matte nutmeg
Creep- onyx w/ gold sparkle
Darkhorse- bronze patina
Hustle- satiny plum brown
Virgin- satin chamois

Lip junkie ($19) is a mint-flavored, collagen-boosting, moisturizing wonder-gloss. It comes in 11 different shades from sheer-ish to daring. The 2 shades I'm most excited to try are pictured here: Jilted and Perversion. Now I must admit that part of my obsession with Urban Decay in the first place is their twisted names. Don't judge. But the colors are gorgeous. Jilted is a bright pink but with a subtle blue tint underneath. If you've ever wanted to try a lip gloss with a blue tint to make your teeth look whiter, look no further. Perversion looks like it's more of a daring color, but it's a sheer tint that will go with many different skin tones.
Lip Junkie shades:
Crush- sheer coral
Jilted- Hot pink w/ blue undertones
Heavy- shimmery nude
Midnight Cowboy-shimmery sheer beige
Love Junkie- sheer, deep wine
Naked- pink nude
Red Light- sheer candy apple red
Perversion- sheer, sparkling obsidian
Peroxide-palest pink
Runaway- shimmery deep coral
Wallflower- medium nude

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