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Jul 18, 2010

Brazilian Blowout at Platinum Salon NYC

The Brazilian Blowout is one of the newest and most talked about hair treatments in the world. This smoothing treatment promises frizz-free shine for up to 12 weeks, smoothing the hair cuticle and actually improving the health of the hair. Unlike other smoothing treatments on the market, this treatment contains no formaldehyde, so it it safe to use on most customers. To make sure you are getting a Brazilian Blowout, and not an impostor, you can log on to the salon locator on their website.

For my Brazilian Blowout, I went to the Platinum Salon, located on 134 West 23rd street in Chelsea. I'm not someone who hates my curls, but I certainly hate frizz. I chose the BB because I want the ability to wear my hair curly, wavy, or straight, I just don't want the frizz. Is that too much to ask? I chose Platinum Salon because of their dedication to informing the customer during the process. Being the nosey person that I am, I like to know what's someone's doing to my head.

The first step is to clarify the hair with the BB shampoo. Next step is to apply the treatment. Then the hair is dried and gone over with a flat iron. That's it. You have the option of doing the BB hair masque at this point, but the treatment is already in your hair and was sealed with the flat iron. I walked out of the salon in under 2 hours.

Here are pictures of my hair before the treatment. While I have pretty manageable curls, this was a bad hair day. Humidity, subway, and no Moroccanoil is not ideal for my hair. As you can see.

And here are the pictures of my hair after the treatment.

So what's the difference between a BB and other smoothing treatments on the market? Well the biggest difference (for me, anyways) is the minute you walk out of the salon. You can wash or style your hair the very same day. There is no need to wait 3 days after a treatment to wash hair or put it in a ponytail anymore.

Platinum Salon also carries the Brazilian Blowout Acai after-care products to help prolong the life of the treatment. The Acai after-care line includes an anti-frizz shampoo and conditioner, a smoothing serum, and a deep conditioning masque. The line is sulfate-free and is designed to moisturize, keeping essential nutrients in and locking humidity out.

Look for the follow-up blogs on the haircare products! I will be posting pictures after my first shampoo, as well as pictures of what my hair looks like when it's been styled wavy or curly.

For more information on Platinum Salon, visit their website at

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  1. Beautiful. This is great stuff and we are curently doing it at my salon. awesome results on everyone that comes in! enjoy!



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