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Jun 21, 2010

Flawless summer skin

Well it's officially summer and I'm officially sweating. And anybody who has ever sweat through their makeup knows that looking flawless in the middle of the summer is no easy feat. You don't want caked-on foundation because it looks unnatural in the sunlight, and because it makes the heat feel slightly more oppressive, if that's even possible on a day like today. I have 2 go-to skin savers when the weather gets like this.

My first love is Too Faced's Primed and Poreless skin smoothing facial primer ($30). This can be used under foundations or bronzers to give you smooth skin and help makeup stay put. I like to wear this completely on its own to reduce the appearance of pores, and make my skin look smooth without the need of a heavy foundation. Because sweating through foundation? Not a good look. It's also something I feel good about putting on my skin because it contains Mulberry extract, Retinol, and vitamins A & C. Let's face it, these days you can actually improve your complexion by wearing makeup with these sorts of ingredients, so why not? This is also easy for people who have trouble picking out shades to match their complexion. This is a sheer formula, so the one shade can be used on many different skin tones.

For those who don't like a creamy primer, they are coming out with a powder version for fall ($28). Like the other version, this can be worn on its own to diminish pores and fine lines, or can be used under makeup to set makeup and achieve an airbrushed finish.

My other love is a necessity because this SPF 30 moisturizer provides UVA/UVB coverage. Juice Beauty Mineral Tinted Moisturizers ($29) come in sheer, light, or medium formulas. Unlike other SPF's, this chemical-free moisturizer doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, and has certified organic ingredients that help to improve skin's condition. It contains white grape juice and pomegranate extracts, and mineral tints which are great at providing coverage and evening out skin tone.

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