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May 29, 2010

Juice Beauty ColorCare makeup line

Juice Beauty has made a flawless transition from skincare to color care. The ColorCare makeup line has the same innovative and healthy components as the skincare line, but in the form of makeup that improves the complexion.

Those who are familiar with the skincare line will be delighted to find that many of the same natural ingredients are used in the ColorCare line. The authentically organic ingredients include grape, blueberry, and pomegranate juices, The line also has sunflower and sesame oils, vitamin E, and aloe. All Juice Beauty ingredients come from USDA Certified Organic farms, and the packaging is made from recycled cartons and soy ink. Even if one is not interested in the environmental benefits of using certified organic ingredients, they can be happy with the effects that these ingredients have on the skin. Organic and preservative-free ingredients are great for sensitive skin. This is also a great line for someone who might not have much experience with foundations and powders, as they have a lightweight finish and you don't get a caked-on feeling.

The line consists of Correcting Concealer, Perfecting Foundation, Refining Finishing Powder, and a Blemish Clearing Powder.

Blemish Clearing Powder-($29) treatment powder meant to calm inflammation, clear blemishes, and reduce future breakouts. Contains minerals, aloe, and bamboo powder which all having soothing elements to them.

Correcting Concealer- ($18) Aloe and fruit extracts correct skin imperfections, while minerals create a beautiful finish. Available in 2 colors: Ivory and Sand.

Refining Finishing Powder- ($22) Gives a light-feeling matte finish to complete any makeup look. Can be worn on its own or over foundation. Available in 3 colors: Ivory, Sand, and Tan.

Perfecting Foundation- ($35) Uses fruit extracts and minerals to balance skin and correct imperfections. Has a cream-to-powder finish to give an airbrushed-type feelings to the skin. Available in 3 colors: Ivory, Sand, and Tan.

All product available on the Juice Beauty website.


  1. I'm in love with their skin care line the moisturizer smells like banana baby food. I'm definitely thinking about picking up the concealer. Hope it can do something with these black chihuahua eyes.

  2. I use their green apple moisturizer every day and it does wonders for my skin. I'm not really in to foundation these days (yay summer!) but this moisturizer has totally evened out my skin tone so that I don't need heavy makeup!



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