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Apr 10, 2010

Blowdry tips from Matthew Fugate @ the Sally Hershberger salon dowtown

Backstage at a show during NY Fashion Week, I witnessed a man transform models' hair with an ease that I've never seen (unless you count my wildest dreams). Not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me, I decided to test out his styling skills on my hard-to-tame curls, and ask him a million questions in the process.

Besides being extremely informative and teaching me some great hair tricks, Matthew Fugate has an interesting career background. Matt is a Seattle native that has had the privilege of learning to style under some of the best in the world, but his career got off to a rocky start when he was fired for deciding to do a celeb's hair. He was asked by this celeb to do her hair for a 3-day shoot she had, and was subsequently let go from his hair salon for taking the time off. Lucky for him said celeb was thrilled with what she saw and told him that he needed to go to New York to style. She put in a phone call to Sally Hershberger to talk about the young talent she discovered, and Sally immediately called him to work in her New York salon. He packed his bags and was in NY a few days later because, let's be serious, when Sally calls you should come. He assisted both Sally and Tommy Bucket for a period of time before going to pursue his stylist career at the Sam Brocato salon. Two years later Sally came calling again (clearly she sees something in this guy!) and he's back.

Working alongside of one of his best friends from childhood, Mike Viggue, and expert colorist, Erin
Bogart, they bring a young, fun, rock 'n roll vibe to the salon. When you think of Sally Hershberger you think "effortlessly cool", and the entire staff exudes that coolness. The minute you walk into the Downtown salon, snug amongst some of the most amazing shopping in NYC's meatpacking district, you feel like a star. And I walked out feeling like a star. One of Matt's many talents is making your hair look longer than when you walked in. I had fun, flippy, long, and healthy looking tresses when I walked out. So obviously I asked him to teach me a few tricks so that I could share them with you. Here's some blowdrying tips from one of the best stylists I've ever come across:

-Start upside down. Gravity is your friend when it comes to a blowout. Just make sure that you are blowing it from the roots to the ends, or you'll get frizz. Blowdrying from roots to ends will help to seal the hair cuticle.

-If you have fringe, fight the instinct to brush your hair downwards with a round brush. Instead, blowdry your bangs upward around the brush! I didn't believe this one at first, but it gave me an amazing face-framing shape.

-It's all about the tools you use. Invest in a good blowdryer so you're not burning your hair. Also, the brush size will have an effect on how the hair comes out. The smaller the brush, the more tension you can gain, allowing you to create a shape. If you're looking for pin-straight hair, go for a bigger brush.

-A tip for curly girls: Don't be rough on your delicate curls during the drying process! Try not to rough it up with a towel when you get out of the shower. If you have paper towels handy, use those to remove excess water from your hair.

To get an appointment with Matt, or any of the stars at Sally Hershberger, call 212-206-8700.

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