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Mar 23, 2010

Esprit Store Opening- 34th street NYC

New York welcomed its new Esprit flagship store on 34th street in NYC today with a special shopping preview. The store opens to the public tomorrow, and the line will surely be around the block. The store is having an event called "Love it or Leave it", where the first 50 customers (at 9:00 am and then again at 5:30 pm) can trade in the clothes they are wearing for a brand new outfit. That's right, you can dump your scrubby outfit and leave with some brand new Esprit gear for free. The clothes that are left behind will be donated to charity.

The clothes were classic Esprit, and very denim-friendly. Plaids and khakis and timeless preppy clothes galore.

There was a special performance by Macy Gray who was wearing head-to-toe Esprit. She performed her new release "Beauty in the World", along with some classics like "I Try".

Video of Macy Gray's performance is courtesy of My Life on (and off) the Guestlist.

I couldn't help but take this shirt home with me. Notice the before and after....

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