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Feb 18, 2010

Richie Rich A*Muse Fashion Show

If you like Tyrell Owens in a sparkle jacket and wig,

gratuitous man candy,

Pam Anderson,

and bathing suits in your fall line,

then you already know and love Richie Rich.

Richie presented his 2010 line at Insomnia last night in NYC.

Some Revelers:

Acrobatic entertainment:

Despite waiting outside in the freezing cold (even though you're on the press list), and the star of the show (Pam, of course) showing up late, the presentation was undeniably entertaining.

Oh so slick.

Colored wigs were a huge part of the show.

Caridee! Rockin the hawk.


T.O. tossing his wig.

Oh Pam.

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