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Feb 24, 2010

New Blog! "BEAUTIES"

Every once in a while I'm inspired by someone's inner beauty just as much as their pretty face. In celebrating that, I'm starting a new series simply called BEAUTIES. For my readers who like a little less reading and little more picture, you'll probably enjoy these little snippets of pretty people!

The first Beauty I'm going to celebrate will actually be a tag team. Roommate Beauties, if you will! During our most recent blizzard, I was feeling a little cranky and cold, and was thoroughly cheered up by these NYC roomies that were just out to have a good time. Not at all interested in star-stalking, they managed to cheer me up in a way that only female-bonding can!
Dressed in vintage finds paired with structured blazers and great accessories, these gals were fashiony and friendly. I definitely hope to bump into them again!

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