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Feb 16, 2010

Fur Week 2010- Carlos Miele NFYW Fall Fashion Show

By day 5 of New York Fashion Week, I thought I would be tired of seeing all the fur. However, I felt strangely endeared to a little fur bolero (paired with a light grey silk high-waisted pant) at the Carlos Miele Fall 2010 show. I don't wear fur myself, but am not about to throw red paint on someone's coat, or bolero as the case may be. Will Miele's little number convert me to a fur-wearer? Probably not. Maybe I was intoxicated by all the bright colors in the show, when I'd grown weary of seeing only dark colors for fall.

Maybe it was the shoes....

Or maybe it was just day 5 exhaustion seeping in. Whatever the case may be, I fell in love with the collection.

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