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Dec 2, 2009

Make your man beautiful

Men. Clearly the weaker sex.

That's why it's our job to make them look good.
There are 2 schools of thought on gift-giving for men:
1. Get them something that they would buy for themselves. Video games. Concert tickets. Computer gear. I can't help you in this department.
2. Get them something that they need, but would never buy for themselves. Ah... This is something I know a bit about.

One sure-fire gift to give your man that they will definitely use? SHAVE GEAR. From the complicated, to the idiot-proof, there are shave creams out there to moisturize your man's skin thusly making you a happy woman.
A semi-complicated system, but well-worth the effort, is Origins skin care line for men. This is a great line for men who are prone to ingrown hairs, like my brother. There are several causes for ingrown hair... nature being one of the worst. Men not knowing how to take care of their skin and getting ingrowns is one thing. Just having naturally coarse, curly hair is another. Often ingrown hairs are caused by dry, dead skin clogging up pores and causing irritation upon shaving. Whether it's dry skin, or coarse hair, Origins Easy Slider pre-shave oil ($19.50) can help. It moisturizes the skin and softens the hair before shaving, all the while making skin friction-free for your razor blade. Next apply Blade Runner shave cream ($15.00) for a refreshing shaving experience. This has healing ingredients like eucalyptus and soybean oil, as well as energizing peppermint. For those who still experience a little burning after shaving (which is highly unlikely after using the oil and the cream), splash on a little Fire Fighter after shave ($16.00). This has soothing ingredients like chamomile and cucumber that women have known about for ages to reduce puffiness and irritation. Give these boys time... they're only just learning our tricks!

If a 3-step process is just too complicated for your lover-boy, then there's an all-in-one solution that he can surely get on board with. Jack Black's "Beard Lube" ($16.00) is like a pre-shave oil and shaving cream wrapped in one manly package. Proven to not clog up your blade, this gives a surprisingly efficient shave and leaves skin noticably softer afterwards. Packed with moisturizers, but not with synthetic dyes, this is something that your fella might even start buying for himself!
Tis the season for sharing, as well as snuggling, so do you and your boyfriend a favor and treat him to some Beard Lube. You won't regret it.


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  2. I just converted my bf and my brother! Very excited



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