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Dec 8, 2009

Curling Iron Promo- Enzo Milano

State of the art clampless curling iron from Enzo Milano. Promo is a free curling iron (2 sizes to choose from) worth approximately $100. You just pay for FedEx shipping, which ends up being about $30.

Go to site:
Click on the Curling Irons in the left-hand navigation.
Choose 1 of the 2 sizes and add to basket.
Click on Checkout.
Enter this promo code: ENZO1325

Curl away!


  1. hi hi
    just wondering if u bought from them. is it real. this promo seem to be on going for long time so i am not sure if its still valid, thanks

  2. Yes! This promo is still going on :)
    It takes a little more time to do your hair than with a curling iron that has a clamp, but it's totally worth it. The curls come out gorgeous and soft

  3. thanks

    u know i saw the site but no 'lock' at all to safeguard credit card infor. i'm a bit scared. (but still considering trying it out hehee)

  4. Hi. I was wondering are there other colors to choose from? I want a pink one but I don't see it....



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