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Oct 30, 2009

Aquaphor? You're my best friend.

As the temperature drops in our fair city, our skin takes a beating. Wind-burnt skin. Chapped skin from runny noses. Beard burn from nights that we snuggled to stay warm. Obviously there are methods we can take to prevent these things from happening, but once they do no ordinary cream will cure you. Moms across America have been using Aquaphor on babies' delicate skin since its inception, but we fashionistas now know that it's a beauty must-have.
Wind or beard burn? Put some Aquaphor on it.
Cut or Scrape from shaving your legs? Aquaphor.
Picked at a pimple? STOP DOING THAT! And then put some Aquaphor on it.
I also use this stuff instead of vaseline when I'm coloring my hair so that I don't stain my face. That would not be a good look.
I have a vat of the stuff at home ($7-$15 for a serious tub of the stuff), and I carry the mini size in my makeup bag ($6.00 for a 2-pack of travel size tubes). It's great in a pinch to use instead of chapstick, or to remove a little makeup that has started traveling down your face from where it used to be on your eyelashes. Don't be afraid to slather this wonder cream anywhere on your face. It's safe for that sensitive skin around your eyes, or basically anywhere else on your body.

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  1. I use this on Ethan all of the time, and now started to use it on myself! OBSESSED!



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